OPINION: Why Fiorina Trumps Trump

With the presidential elections more than a year away, the nation seems to be in a stalemate.  In the past eight years, America has seen a dramatic enlargement of government powers.  President Obama himself has issued a socialist-like string of executive orders in his term and is even proceeding with the unpopular Iran Deal after Congress voted against it.  Obamacare, funded solely by taxpayer money, has repeatedly had to lower its projections due to lack of enrollment.

The second GOP debate held in Former president Reagan's memorial library.
The second GOP debate was held in Former president Reagan’s memorial library. (source: CNN)

Around 52% of Americans agree that Obama has not handled his position in office adequately.  This disapproval rating has made this coming presidential election more enticing than we’ve seen it in the past 15 years.  Along with the longing for a fresh start, candidates like the prominent Donald Trump and pronounced socialist Bernie Sanders add even more excitement to the race.  These two, along with the scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton, have drawn a gamut of potential voters of all races, genders, and political ideals to the race.

For much of the race to date, Trump has been a forerunner in the Republican corner. However, if left unchecked, Trump could jeopardize this country’s future with his lack of experience and unprofessional attitude.

Three months after announcing his plan to run for president, Trump found himself leading in most polls by a considerable amount. Trump has spent the majority of these past months ignoring all political decorum and making promises backed by nothing more than his ego.  Quotes from the Trump campaign trail include “Build a wall across the whole U.S-Mexican border, and make them pay for it,” “Save Medicaid, Medicare, and social security without making any cuts,” and the most outrageous of all, “I will be the greatest jobs president God ever created.”

Making promises such as these has seemed to give him a strong backing of over 20%, but it seems as though the debate moderators have forgotten to ask him how he might accomplish these near paradoxical tasks.  He claims instead of cutting social security and Medicare, he will simply “grow the economy to save those programs.” How will he grow the economy, you may ask? He will create jobs. When asked how he will create jobs, Trump smugly replied, “I’m a businessman; I’ve already created jobs, so I’ll just do it on a bigger scale as president.”

In contrast, Carly Fiorina, most widely known for her tenure at Hewlett-Packard, is the best candidate as of now due to her candid honesty, experience with the economy, and independent attitude.

Fiorina often emphasizes the importance of factual representation during her speeches. In her words, “Politics is a fact-free zone; business is a fact-filled zone.”  During her six-year tenure at Hewlett-Packard as CEO, Fiorina was responsible for defending the company’s results every 90 days.  If she misrepresented them, she would be held criminally liable. “Suppose for a moment,” she said, “that any other candidate running for president was held criminally liable for what they said.”

carly fiorina give speech
Carly Fiorina gives a speech along her campaign trail. (source: CNN)

Fiorina not only led the company, but she turned it around.  Her six-year tenure happened to coincide with the worst technology recession in 25 years. Many of HP’s competitors dissolved, taking their jobs with them. Despite this, the company doubled in size, quadrupled its cash flow, quadrupled its top-line growth rate, and tripled its rate of innovation to close to 15 patents a day.

Three-fourths of the top four GOP front-runners are political neophytes. This shows that America agrees with Fiorina — politicians are making empty promises. Fiorina started her professional career as a secretary at a nine-person real estate firm and climbed the corporate ladder, thus evaluating the economy from the inside.  Her analysis? “The engine of economic growth is small businesses, new businesses, and family-owned businesses.  Small businesses create two-thirds of the new jobs, and we are crushing them with the weight of a 75,000-page tax code.”

Fiorina proves with her career that in America, anyone, regardless of gender or race, can succeed.  However, our current government diminishes opportunity at the same rate as its growth.  Fiorina has the knowledge and experience to bring the reform this government desperately needs, positioning her as the candidate that overwhelmingly trumps Trump.

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