BeoWulves Call for Entries

The St. Paul’s BeoWulves writing club is seeking submissions for their fist annual Wolf Tales Short Story & Poetry Contest. The winners will be prominently featured in BeoWulves’ fall edition of the “Maelstrom,” co-produced by the Graphic Design Club.

Contest guidelines are as follows:
• Submissions are open only to St. Paul’s students.
• Maximum of one submission per student.
• No submissions will be accepted that surpass the 2,000 word threshold.
• Submissions must be put in MLA Style with a cover page that includes the piece’s title and the student’s name, first period class, and grade level.
• Poetry and short stories will be judged separately.
• Submissions with inappropriate and extremely graphic content will be discarded.
• All genres are accepted.
• All lengths of stories and poems will be judged equally.
• Submissions are due by December 12, 2015. Any entries submitted after this date will not be evaluated.

Submit entries to

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