New SPS Club Provides Experience, Exposition in Medical Careers

(COVINGTON, La.) — The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Club, a national organization, moderated by science teacher Ann Pfalzgraf and led by Presidents Josh Devier and Jakob Massey, has made its debut as part of the growing list of campus clubs this school year, and seeks to help students that aspire to practice medical careers.  

“It’s pretty cool to be a HOSA member,” Massey said. “You get to learn so many things, such as different medical positions, how they work, and what they do. It is very enjoyable.”

Club members Jacques du Passage (far left), Chris Wilson, Jakob Massey, and Joshua Verges (far right), are enjoying the nice fall weather as they stop for a quick picture. (Source: )
Club members Jacques du Passage, Chris Wilson, Jakob Massey, and Joshua Verges, enjoy the weather while visiting the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (Photo from Jakob Massey’s Instagram)

Recently, the SPS chapter attended one of HOSA’s conferences in Lafayette.

“At the conference,” Massey said, “we got to meet all of the other chapters. Vice President Ross Hightower and Treasurer Andrew Norlin were sent to a leadership meetings and regular members were sent to separate seminars.”

The seminars for club members served as an orientation of the HOSA organization.

“We just talked about certain things like how to be an awesome HOSA member,” Jacques Du Passage said, “and how to brand yourself.”

Even though HOSA is primarily for those of middle school or high school age, people of college ages can be elected into certain positions.

“If you’re a state representative, you run for the executive board when you are a junior or senior,” Massey said. “It is a two-year commitment, so (they) are still officers when they are in college. Otherwise, it ends after high school.”

HOSA is not only viewed by its members as an enjoyable way to get involved, but a productive and helpful way to do so.

“It has opened other options,” Du Passage said, “(and) other avenues I can pursue (in the medical field).”

For those who wish to join HOSA, meetings are held on most Monday afternoons in Pfalzgraf’s classroom.



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