Next Year’s Football Team Square Off at Annual Pie Bowl

The blue and white teams rush down the field (Photo Credit- Joey Michel Photography)

The Football Wolves held their annual Pie Bowl on May 11, where parents and fans were given a sneak peek of next year’s team. As always, the white team faced off against the blue team in a friendly scrimmage.

Players and coaches are excited for next season, hoping to improve on a difficult 2018 season. “We have a lot of work to do before next season starts, but we are looking good for the first week of football,” said rising senior linebacker Miles Biggs.

Rising senior and starting quarterback Caleb Frost searches for an opening (Photo Credit- Joey Michel Photography)

The team has undergone some major changes since last season. The offensive line has a new coach after Coach Joe Dickens retired from his position on the team and varsity lost numerous key players from the Class of 2019.

The most entertaining part of the Pie Bowl actually happens after the game. The seniors from the losing team get pies thrown in their faces. The victorious white team enjoyed “pie-ing” their senior teammates.

The starting defense showed how stout it could be in stifling the blue team’s starting offense. Rising senior and offensive lineman Jarrett Meibaum explained, “This year we will be only as good as our offense can take us. Defense isn’t the problem.”

The defense is certainly enthusiastic and ready for next season. Rising senior Thad Castle said, “Football isn’t a sport- it’s my life.”

Victorious rising senior Johnny Bergeron pies a defeated Nick Simpson (Photo Credit- Johnny Bergeron)


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