Battle for Student Section Position Finds Temporary Resolution

The band takes residence in the left side of the student section. (photo by Joey Michel)
Last season, the band takes residence in the left half of the student section. This year, the band occupies the top half of the section, allowing for more standing room in the front. (Photo by Joey Michel)

(COVINGTON, La) — Last year, the student section at St. Paul’s football games was changed significantly due to complaints from the Marching Wolves. This year, after persistent complaints from the student body, the student section has morphed yet again.

“It was very unpleasant,” Sophomore Jackson Cretin said regarding the overloaded student section. “A lot of us got kicked out last year because it was so cramped with the band being moved there.”

Sharing this opinion, Student Council Treasurer Logan Haydel and Parliamentarian Harrison Prieto set out to make a change. 

“Something needs to be done about this,” Haydel said at a recent Student Council meeting.

Many Student Council members agreed with him, and Prieto immediately asked President Leland Van Deventer if Haydel and he could take the lead on it.  The next day they met with Athletic Director Craig Ketelsen about possible alternate seating arrangements.

“Although we would like to accommodate everyone who comes to the games, we simply don’t have the space,” Ketelsen said. “We’ve adjusted the (band’s position) so that they are standing horizontally along the top of the bleachers, thus providing more room and allowing me to put a contingency plan into effect for over-packed games.”

At this suggestion, the two had one more task. To finalize the change in the student section, Prieto and Haydel needed to get the idea approved by Band Director Andrew Moran.  This proved to be a tough sell, initially.

“The only thing I was against was the band coming out of the main stands,” Moran said, referring to the group’s former positions on the track, in the end zone, and in the overflow stands in front of the concession stands. “As far as the resolution we came to, with the band being placed (horizontally) at the top of the stands, I am very happy. In fact, that’s what I initially wanted.”

Student Council members and Moran agree that this change slightly expands the room for students as well as making the band much more audible and engaging. Reaction from the students has been mixed.

“I like how it’s set up now, but I was aware of how a lot of students didn’t,” said senior Kyle Schech. “I think it will be changed again next year.”