Cry Wolf Exclusive: Nobody’s Noticed that Teacher Hasn’t Posted New Lesson Plan Since September

Cry Wolf Satirical News

(COVINGTON, La.) — An SPS teacher has reportedly not posted a new lesson plan on Edline since September, and absolutely no one has noticed.

“I guess I’m a little surprised,” the teacher said, also noting that she has not received a single email, call, or concern of any sort since she stopped posting lesson plans four months ago. “I always knew people didn’t usually check the lesson plan, but I had no idea it was like this.”

The lesson plan, which is an organized word document that details what the students will do in class for the upcoming week, in addition to showing assigned homework and quizzes/tests, is usually posted to weekly by teachers for the use of students and parents.

“I thought maybe a few people would have noticed that I haven’t posted a lesson plan in over sixteen weeks.” the teacher said, adding that “not even the nerds” noticed the absence of the Edline document.

A typical Algebra II lesson plan.
A typical Algebra II lesson plan.

When word got out, many people on campus weren’t surprised, while others expressed confusion.

“Lesson plan? What’s that?” one student said.

“Lesson plan? What’s that?” AP Civics Teacher Sean Moser said.

When asked why she stopped posting the lesson plans in the first place, the teacher explained that early on in the school year she wanted to find out how infrequently the lesson plan gets checked.

“At first, I started writing crazy messages within the lesson plan, as a kind of test to see who would notice it,” the teacher said. “Like this one time, I just copied and pasted the entire script of the movie Forrest Gump into the document. I thought for sure someone would notice, but nope, not even the administration said anything. Pretty soon I just stopped posting lesson plans altogether.”

At press time, a time when she usually would have been meticulously crafting her lesson plans, the teacher was enjoying a nice day at the park with her children.

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Editor’s note: Cry Wolf is satirical news intended to take a humorous look at St. Paul’s life. For more on this new entertainment segment of The Paper Wolf, read this story.


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