Cry Wolf: Student Spends Rigorous Night Studying the Best Ways to Cheat

Cry Wolf satirical news.

(SELCOE, Ariz.) — Sources confirmed Friday (March 10) that a high school student spent an intense and rigorous night studying the best ways to cheat. Cameron Walters, a junior at Bernard High School in Selcoe, Arizona, reportedly spent the entirety of the previous night arduously studying and mastering the most effective methods of cheating.

“I had a huge chemistry test the next day, along with a social studies test and a Spanish quiz,” Walters said. “So I knew I had to buckle down and study the best ways to cheat.”

Walters reportedly stayed up until 5 a.m., studiously going over notes and reading books on different ways to cheat, as well as using online resources.

Writing the answers on the inside of a water label, one of the many methods of cheating Walters learned and studied in preparation for his tests. (photo: @_Hughes22, Twitter)

“I got my mom to quiz me on the different methods of cheating,” Walters said, adding that he believed he was thoroughly prepared for his tests, “and I even made flashcards.”

Witnesses even reported seeing him in the library.

“He looked very focused,” said Selcoe resident Randy Webb. “He had a bunch of books. One was all about how to perfect writing the answers on your arm, while another was on how to cheat with a partner. You gotta admire the kid’s work ethic.”

Walters admitted that some areas were harder to study than others.

“I think the ‘using hand signals to cheat with a partner’ section was the hardest to study,” Walters said. “Not because it was hard to understand, but because there was so much material.”

When asked how he felt about the ordeal as a whole, Walters said, “It was a very stressful night, but if you want to make good grades, you have to be willing to put in the work.”

At test time, Walters reportedly forgot everything he studied about cheating and was frantically trying to take the test honestly.


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