Heartless Student Doesn’t Even Try to Hide Glances at Clock from Teacher

[Cry Wolf satirical news]

(COVINGTON, La.) — Sources confirmed Thursday (May 4) that a heartless student did not even try to hide his glances at the clock from his teacher. Witnesses say the cold-hearted student, freshman Eric Gray, made no effort at all to conceal his frequent glances at the clock.

“It was just cruel,” said witness Logan Roderman, a classmate of Gray’s. “He didn’t make sure (the teacher) wasn’t looking or anything, he just did it with no discretion whatsoever.”

Roderman added that in addition to the obvious looks at the clock, Gray also did not hesitate to “sigh quite loudly” when he saw the clock and realized there was still a lot of time left before the class was over.

“I mean, whenever I look at the clock, I make sure the teacher is looking nowhere near me. Preferably when she’s writing on the board or talking to another student.” said Roderman, “It’s just common courtesy.”

Witnesses were reportedly shocked by Gray’s open and brazen display of boredom.

“He did it with such indifference, such lack of emotion,” said another classmate, Devin Arnold. “He knew the teacher could easily see him staring impatiently at the clock, and he just didn’t care. It kind of scared me.”

Sources say Gray’s teacher was not thrilled with seeing Gray openly stare up at the time multiple times throughout the duration of the class.

“I’ll be honest, it stung a little bit,” said the teacher, who described Gray’s behavior as “insensitive and wrong.”

“I know students sometimes don’t enjoy being in my class, but to actually see it manifested like that is pretty disheartening,” she said.

At press time, Gray was seen packing up his things a full seven minutes before the class was over.

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